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Entering a NEW Dimension - 3D Visualizing for the world!
Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2011

WolfVision, the European manufacturer of high-end Visualizers, has developed a NEW, stunning 3D Visualizer concept model that will be on display at InfoComm 2011. This concept, inspired by recent trends in technology could very well be the future of visualizers in training rooms and educational centers. 


This 3D technology which has become commonplace in movie theatres and is being adopted for TV, video gaming, and mobile phones are also on the horizon!  WolfVision is interested to explore the potential for professional Visualizer applications in 3D, whether in science and education, product design and engineering, medical and telemedicine, or videoconferencing/telepresence.



The process begins with our cameras. 


First, our WolfVision Visualizers generate high quality stereo images, which are then converted to a 3D format in realtime.


The image is then viewed onscreen using 3D polarizing glasses.


This new concept will allows participants to see the material on the screen as if they were standing directly in front of it.  For individuals requiring in-depth training of material in the field, this re-creates the actual object they will interact with and facilitates a deeper level of understanding.


Adding value to remote communication and videoconferencing, this allows for better understanding of live, real-world concepts between teams and increases the level of efficiency of working together from separate locations.


This new and exciting concept is pushing the boundries of what we never thought before possible and demonstrates WolfVision’s commitment to innovation and product excellence


The NEW WolfVision 3D design concept will be on display at Booth #3611, InfoComm 2011.