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Why Gaming PCs Need UPS Power Protection
Posted on Friday, December 9, 2022
Why Gaming PCs Need UPS Power Protection

Dec. 9, 2022 - Power interruptions can be painful. Dropping a game because of a power interruption is adding insult to injury. A UPS battery backup system installed in your gaming setup will not only protect your valuable equipment, it can support gaming continuity during power problems and ensure optimal power quality on an ongoing basis. But identifying a UPS that is ideal for gaming requires navigating a range of features and benefits.

A premium gaming console/PC setup deserves a UPS that is designed for gaming. Here is why:

Surge protection isn't enough.

Surge protectors help keep connected electronics safe during a power surge or spike. They are common in environments with expensive electronics, but for gamers they only solve half the problem.

What about interrupting your streaming or game (missing out on time with friends, losing a competitive online game, dropping in ranking)? A UPS will not only provide surge protection but also voltage regulation and battery backup that let you:

  • Ride out the power problem.

Or at the very least

  • Save your progress as soon as you can get to a convenient place.

It's about power quality too.

Some UPS systems generate an approximation of the pure sine wave power available from an AC wall outlet, resulting in spotty performance and incompatibility with sensitive gaming devices. A UPS with pure sine wave output from battery will ensure optimal power and compatibility for connected loads.

This means:

  • Cleaner power delivered to sensitive gaming equipment for audio/video without power-related interference.
  • Compatibility with active PFC power supplies, high-performance gaming components and other sensitive devices.
  • Reduced wear and tear on gaming equipment for a longer lifespan!

Make sure your UPS matches your power load…and your gaming space.

To make sure your UPS fits your unique setup, look for these features:

  • Enough outlets for all peripherals
  • Sufficient power capacity for your load. Gaming PCs often require 300 watts or more.
  • For extended runtimes, look for a system that can accommodate external batteries.
  • Real-time monitoring of PC power draw. This will help determine if your gaming PC's internal power supply has the power capacity to support hardware upgrades like high-end video cards.
  • Lighting. Your UPS system can fit in with (or even enhance) the ambience of your gaming space with programmable, RGB LEDs.

Tripp Lite by Eaton Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS systems are designed specifically for gaming. Some of their key features include:

  • 600-1500VA models for battery backup that meets a range of gaming load requirements
  • Pure sine wave power with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for optimal power quality
  • Wireless LCD detaches from the UPS for convenient power monitoring
  • Configurable RGB LEDs for indicating power conditions
  • Outlets and USB ports for charging peripherals
  • Energy-saving outlets and ENERGY STAR® certified efficiency
  • Real-time load monitoring for accurate runtimes and PC upgrade information