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RDL manufactures high performance audio products. Made in America - means our products are produced entirely in our Arizona factory. Only here can we monitor the quality of the materials and components used and control every step of the production process. For over 35 years, this policy has earned us a reputation for providing reliable products customers trust in installations around the world.

Model: RU-NMP44

The RU-NMP44 is a network mixing processor containing six virtual audio mixers controlled by network commands from RDL and other network remote controls. Each mixer operates independently with input s
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RDL Dante Products – Automatic Gain Adjustment for Dynamic and Condenser Microphones
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - The RU-MLB series of Dante bidirectional interfaces provide independently switch-selectable mic or line inputs and line-level outputs.  They are available in 2 and 4 channel versions with or without PoE.

When an input is set to receive microphone signals, the module provides P48 phantom for operation of balanced condenser microphones. When a condenser microphone is connected to an input, gain is automatically set to 40 dB. If a dynamic microphone is then connected to the same input, gain will be automatically adjusted to 60 dB. No user intervention is required to change gain settings when selecting between condenser and dynamic microphones.

When selected for line-level input, the BALANCED terminals accept a +4 dBu source. The UNBALANCED terminals are for connection of consumer sources with a nominal operating level of -10 dBV.

Each input and output is represented on the front panel by a variable intensity LED Signal Present indicator to assist with system set-up.