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RDL manufactures high performance audio products. Made in America - means our products are produced entirely in our Arizona factory. Only here can we monitor the quality of the materials and components used and control every step of the production process. For over 35 years, this policy has earned us a reputation for providing reliable products customers trust in installations around the world.

Model: RU-NMP44

The RU-NMP44 is a network mixing processor containing six virtual audio mixers controlled by network commands from RDL and other network remote controls. Each mixer operates independently with input s
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Simple Two Room Audio Combining System
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - A common application we are asked to help with is a simple Two Room Combining System. The system shown in the drawings below allows the user to combine the outputs of the ROOM A and ROOM B mixers and route the combined signals to the ROOM A and ROOM B amplifiers.

The D-RT2 Remote Control provides a visual indication of the system status:

  • ON = Combined
  • OFF = Not Combined

Products referred to in the drawings include:

  • 2 ST-UMX3 Universal Audio Mixer
  • 2 STD-600 – Passive Audio Divider / Combiner
  • 2 ST-SSR1 – Line-Level Audio Switch – 2 x 1
  • 1 PS-24AS or PS-24AX – 24 Vdc Switching Power Supply, 500 mA
  • 1 D-RT2 – Remote Control Selector
  • 2 FP-PA35A 35 W Audio Amplifier w/ Power Supply
  • 2 D-J3 – Mic/Line Input Assembly