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Top 5 Ways to Use a Document Camera
Posted on Monday, May 23, 2022
Top 5 Ways to Use a Document Camera

May 23, 2022 - Having an ELMO document camera in a classroom is a gamechanger for your students and teachers. The ways it can be utilized are numerous, and only limited by your imagination. Our iconic document cameras have been inspiring minds for over 40 years, allowing teachers to ELMO images, text, and videos to the whole classroom for better engagement and learning. Because there are too many ways to use an ELMO document camera to list, we have decided to list the top five ways we see teachers making use of this classroom presentation helper.

1. Remote and hybrid learning – ELMOing a remote lesson for students to have a visual aid on their screens at home. An example would be an English teacher breaking down a grammatical sentence in a book for all students to follow along and visualize on their screens at home.

2. STEM Lessons – utilize crystal clear live imaging during a science lesson, where the tiniest detail shouldn’t be missed. ELMO document cameras zoom in to capture the smallest organ in a frog dissection experiment quickly to keep your students’ attention.

3. Webcam – ELMO document cameras double as webcams also, with a crisper image then most computer webcams.

4. Demonstration tool – ELMOing steps of a specific task is easy. Ex. Showing students how you would like them to structure an assignment under the ELMO allows for less questions and easier grading.

5. Technique visualization – ELMO an art lesson where you inform students a special stroke technique used in making impressionistic art.

Hopefully, one of these top ways to ELMO a lesson will your next lesson. We’re interested to know how you empower your classroom with your ELMO document camera. Snap a pic and tag us on any of our ELMO Facebook or Instagram accounts for a chance to win an ELMO superhero cape.