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ELMO Introduces the STEM-CAM Line of Visual Presenters
Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019
ELMO Introduces the STEM-CAM Line of Visual Presenters

ELMO USA Corp., a leading manufacturer of visual presenters and corresponding education technology, is excited to announce the newest addition to our award-winning lineup of visual presenters the MA-1 and MO-2 STEM-CAM’s! Intuitively designed for the most immersive STEM experience, the two new STEM-CAM’s open up a world of endless learning possibilities in the K-12 classroom.

As schools across the country are moving to STEM and STEAM-based curriculums, classroom technology must tangentially evolve to meet the growing demands of those programs. Students are not only active learners in STEM and STEAM programs, but they are participants and producers as well. The MA-1 and MO-2 were designed to enhance hands-on learning and interactive curriculum in the classroom while providing the visual presentation support that ELMO end-users know and love.

The MA-1 and MO-2 are the first Android-based visual presenters in ELMO’s lineup.  The STEM-CAM’s will be able to access ELMO-Play, a secure source of education only apps, which will open a world of possibilities for STEM and STEAM-based curriculum.  The app possibilities are endless and can include a QR code scanner for textbooks, instant translation of foreign language, and augmented reality.  “Being driven by the power of Android, the STEM-CAM’s ability to work with augmented reality apps will revolutionize the visual presenter landscape,” said Matt Takekoshi, ELMO USA Corp.’s Chairman, “Not only does AR increase student interest and engagement during lessons, but it provides opportunities for dynamic visual learning that static images or video cannot. Simply download an AR-ready app, point the camera, and unlock the magic onscreen.”

The STEM-Cam’s offer a generous digital zoom of up to 16x in 1080p Full HD and can capture video at 30fps (up to 60fps when connected via USB). The MA-1 features a five-inch multi-touch screen for navigation and both models are compatible with HID-compliant input devices.  With output terminals offering HDMI, RGB, and USB 2.0, the STEM-CAM’s seamlessly connects to a wide array of devices and is compatible in almost every classroom setting, including most Interactive Flat Panel Displays. The STEM-CAM’s also offer built-in Miracast wireless display connectivity and a three-hour rechargeable battery so you never have to be tethered to a single workspace again.

The MA-1 and MO-2 STEM-Cam’s will be available beginning of October 2019.  For more information on the STEM-CAM line-up visit or contact your local ELMO authorized reseller.