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Dukane Announces “University Line” Projector Group
Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010


10-22-10. Today, Dukane introduced three new projectors which are part of their “University Line” of projectors. The 8958H-RJ (XGA, 4000 lumens) MAP is $2495, 8959H-RJ (XGA, 5000 lumens) MAP is $3095 and the 8957HW-RJ (WXGA, 4000 lumens) MAP is $2795. These new projectors allow stacking, which virtually doubles the brightness and is much less expensive when compared to other high brightness units. Features include:
  • Stackable projectors for high brightness, low cost
  • Lamp access on top
  • High performance (5000 hour) hybrid filter with easy access
  • Special 16 Watt audio output
  • New Microphone input
  • New 3000/5000 hour lamp
  • Built in anti-theft security
  • Audio pass through
  • Network control
  • 0.5 Watt power saving in standby mode
  • PC less presentations from a memory card or the network
  • HDMI input
  • Zoom range lens of 1.7x.
  • Perfect Fit quickly adjusts the projected image by moving four corners and four sides at one time. Gives perfect image when stacking units.
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