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Dukane Announces Added Features To Convey Student Response System
Posted on Monday, August 2, 2010


Dukane is pleased to announce increased functionality of their student response system called Convey A-Click.
Effective today, A-Click will have a data base of over 100,000 grade, state and topic aligned assessments to individual state standards. Teachers have the option of accessing this information to help increase learning in the classroom. In addition, all student answers can either be stored on the local PC or sent to a district wide server where the information can be accessed immediately for review and remediation if necessary. The capability to send student information to a district server is called the Enterprise version.
It is now easier to take anyone’s content and view/play this information within Convey (A-Click). With a few simple keystrokes questions are brought into Conveys player so teachers can assess a student’s understanding of the curriculum via responses on the hand held remotes. Reports are generated from the responses for quick analysis by the teacher. Teachers now understand where individual student’s grasp of the content begins and ends. Curriculum delivery can be adjusted to help increase learning and test scores.
The amount of key strokes needed to launch a question is now as easy as 1,2, 3. The simple mode within Convey reduces the amount of time teachers need to assess their students understanding of content. Less time is needed to engage the technology and more time is spent on task with the students.
Speed of receiving feedback both from the students remotes and teacher PC was greatly enhanced. This again gives the teacher more time to spend on evaluating understanding and less manipulating the technology.
Convey A-Click by Dukane was first introduced 9 months ago. The most recent release called 5.02 with the above attributes is currently ready and being marketed. 
For more than fifty years, Dukane’s Audio Visual Products Division has provided schools around the world with technology solutions that helped increase student learning. With a network of trained professional dealers available to provide personal and localized sales support, Dukane is committed to meeting each customer’s particular needs.