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DTEN is an award-winning provider of all-in-one communication and collaboration solutions for Zoom. Founded in 2015, DTEN’s mission is to provide revolutionary tools and services that change the way people connect with one another around the world. DTEN solutions combine cutting-edge technology for video conferencing that are plug-and-play ready with superior performance and affordability.

Model: DTEN ME

With DTEN ME All-in-One Personal Collaboration Device, you can meet, call and collaborate.
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Give the Gift of Better and More Productive Zoom Meetings
Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Give the Gift of Better and More Productive Zoom Meetings

The holiday present that’s original, practical and unforgettable

Dec. 15, 2020 - We all know "the person who has everything." Impossible to buy for, a little hard to please. Whose gift selection is even further exacerbated by the pandemic. No worries! We’ve got you covered with Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, the gift sure to impress even the biggest challenge on your holiday list. 

Totally original. Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is new in 2020, so unlikely your gift recipient already has it. And it isn’t just a new product! Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is also a completely new product category: the first all-in-one video, Zoom-enabled collaboration device designed specifically for home and home offices. 

Appreciated all year long. This gift will truly be used every day. Interacting with workplace colleagues. Joining Zoom events. Connecting with family. Your recipient is likely already "Zooming" – this takes the experience to a whole new level. They’ll enjoy crystal-clear audiovisual matched with an interactive whiteboard to annotate documents, share photos, draw ideas and more. 

Ergonomics meets simplicity. No more slouching over a laptop or squinting at a tiny screen: Zoom for Home – DTEN ME offers a multi-touch, full HD 27-inch screen. And installation is easy, taking only about five minutes for current Zoom users. From there, starting a session is as simple as a single touch.  

Minimalism times two. The lightweight, integrated glass and aluminum design offers a minimalist appeal on any desktop or home tabletop. And say goodbye to unnecessary clutter.  Zoom for Home – DTEN ME eliminates the need for a desk phone, webcam, microphone, speakers, extra monitor, speakers – and all the cables typically required to connect these components. 

"This gift will truly be used every day. Interacting with workplace colleagues. Joining Zoom events. Connecting with family." 

Seems too expensive? Of course, Zoom for Home – DTEN ME costs more than that scarf you’ve been considering – but it’s sure to get used much more frequently. And when benchmarked with other personal technology – such as a Series 6 Apple Watch – the $599 (USD) price is comparable. 

Be remembered. Think back when you gave a Mont Blanc pen; every signature became a subtle reminder of your amazing gift. In the digital age, Zoom for Home – DTEN ME offers something similar: totally unexpected, incredibly useful and extremely memorable. 

Order Zoom for Home – DTEN ME directly from the DTEN website. Also available via Amazon.



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