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The Winners of The Crestron Marine Technology Awards 2024
Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2024
The Winners of The Crestron Marine Technology Awards 2024

Four marine projects that are truly best-in-class

March 28, 2024 - The challenges of marine integrations are daunting. The work’s done in small spaces. Controls need to be intuitive for both owners and guests. Projects often extend beyond lighting and AV and into critical functions of a vessel. Systems need to be exceptionally reliable — while some members of the crew are trained in troubleshooting, it’s obviously impossible to roll a truck to the middle of the ocean. And clientele in this segment can be some of the most demanding in the world.

Marine projects require a skill set that’s as broad as it is deep — integrators often need to be as well-versed in hospitality and commercial solutions as they are in residential systems, in addition to the technologies that are specific to yachts and superyachts. They need to work with designers, shipyard staff, and, of course, the customer.

These are some of the reasons we felt it was critical to recognize the work that our Crestron Marine integrators were doing, and we’re proud to share the winners of this year’s Crestron Marine Technology Awards. We announced winners in four categories on March 20 with submissions judged on overall quality, uniqueness, customer satisfaction, the look and feel of the installation, and how it solved the overall challenges presented by a particular vessel.

Here are the winners of the Crestron Marine Technology Awards 2024. Some clients wished to keep the names of the vessels confidential.

Ultimate Yacht Installation Above 60 Meters

Vessel: Confidential

Winning Firm: HMC Home & Marine

Both of the “Ultimate Yacht” categories were created to recognize projects that spare no expense — and demand the absolute best from every craftsperson and technician involved. In both of these categories — above and below 60 meters — it was about seeing integrations that bring a seamless, frictionless experience to everyone on board who touches the technology. This project did it all on a massive scale.

Ultimate Yacht Installation Below 60 Meters

Vessel: MY Purpose

Winning Firm: Smart Safe Projects LP

In this category, the winner focused on luxury that surmounted the challenge of limited space, in addition to the parameters of the category’s larger sibling. The team at Smart Safe Projects had a clear vision for the yacht, flawlessly integrating tech that provides best-in-class convenience and luxury in a smaller vessel. The project is proof that a Crestron-driven marine project is only limited by imagination, not size.

Best Design Meets Technology Award


Winning Firm: Connecting Technology

The winner here is more than a yacht — it’s a floating museum. ARTEXPLORER is designed with an adaptable center tube that can easily be transformed from comfortable sailing space to immersive display. The criteria for this category was to “demonstrate how tech can complement the design of a space, creating a cohesive experience,” and the winning project pulled it off perfectly. (You can learn much more about the project here.)

Best Entertainment Everywhere Solution

Vessel: Confidential

Winning Firm: ONEXP

This category is about sending entertainment options throughout a vessel in the most intuitive manner possible: From movies to music to sporting events, how is that content delivered to both social areas and private cabins? How easy is it to control and customize? How are connectivity challenges solved on the open water? The judges were looking for an installation that is as robust as it is easy for any user to control.

Look for more on the winners across Crestron’s social media channels. “The winners highlight the amazing work and collaboration delivered this past year,” says Daniel Kerkhof, director of Crestron Marine. “It’s an honor that all of these firms trust Crestron to help deliver such incredible experiences to the world’s most discerning customers.”