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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.
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Four New Crestron DM NAX Audio Edge Devices For Residential Installs
Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Four New Crestron DM NAX Audio Edge Devices For Residential Installs

Crestron is rolling out a quartet of audio-over-IP solutions to fit every client’s needs

Jan. 30, 2024 - You’ve likely heard the term “edge device” — simply put, it’s a device at the boundary of a network, acting as an entry point for data.

When it comes to audio — specifically, audio-over-IP — Crestron is creating edge devices that are built to offer a world of possibilities, namely, new ways to bring you “entertainment everywhere.”

Want to stream music from your phone to your home system via Bluetooth® connectivity? Bringing a DJ or a karaoke machine to a party? Adding a turntable as an audio source?

Crestron’s got an answer. Four of them, in fact.

Introducing the Crestron DM NAX Audio Edge Devices

We’re at a point where audio sources are as varied as the people who use them — from streaming to Bluetooth connectivity via a smartphone to vinyl, there are myriad options for getting music onto the network and into your ears. Designed with the customer’s needs for flexibility and simplicity in mind, Crestron has created four new audio-over-IP solutions, the Crestron DM NAX® Audio Edge Devices.

Built to provide seamless interoperability, each one is compatible across DM NVX® AV-over-IP, DM NAX® Audio-over-IP, AES67, and Dante® audio networking platforms. They’re all powered via PoE, so local AC isn’t needed. Since they’re available in two flexible form factors (wall plates and surface mounts), these devices are built to make installation and connectivity simple — they’ll fit perfectly into any AV-over-IP system.

Four Devices, a World of Options: At a Glance

The DM NAX Wall Plate with Bluetooth Connectivity and Unbalanced Analog Audio Input and Output: DM-NAX-BTIO-1G — This device is the closest one can get to a truly universal solution: It allows any wired or wireless audio source to bridge to a DM NAX network.

The DM NAX Wall Plate with XLR Input and Balanced Analog Audio Output: DM-NAX-2XLRI-1G — Need to connect pro audio? High-end components? Karaoke or DJ gear? The connection’s here.

The DM NAX Converter with Balanced Analog Audio Input and Output: DM-NAX-AUD-IO — This device is perfect for connecting what are sometimes called legacy devices into a modern, flexible ecosystem: CD players, cassette decks, turntables, and so on.

The DM NAX Converter with USB and Unbalanced Analog Audio Input and Output: DM-NAX-AUD-USB — This solution is a great way to bring PC or mobile device audio onto your DM NAX® technology network via USB connectivity.


The DM NAX Wall Plate with Bluetooth Connectivity and Unbalanced Analog Audio Input and Output

The DM-NAX-BTIO-1G is a wall plate with Bluetooth® communications and analog inputs and outputs that allows you to easily add Bluetooth audio to any DM NAX® Audio-over-IP, DM NVX® AV-over-IP, Dante® audio network, or AES67 AoIP system. The device has been described as something of a “wildcard” — simply put, it supports any audio source to bridge to DM NAX technology. As you’re likely aware, Android™ OS users don’t have the benefit of solutions such as AirPlay® software, so Bluetooth connectivity is a fantastic option to source audio to this wall plate. What’s more, customer experience is at the forefront of our solutions, and we’re hearing from Crestron customers that many prefer Bluetooth communications as their audio interface — which we can now deliver in a high-quality manner that leverages DM NAX technology.

The DM-NAX-BTIO-1G’s flexible form factor can be either put in a wall plate or surface mounted and hidden away — just a single network connection allows you to control and manage the device through the Crestron Home® OS.

Key Features

  • Powered via PoE, no local AC required
  • Stereo Bluetooth input for streaming from your local device
  • Stereo DM NAX or Dante or AES67 Audio-over-IP output accessible from the network
  • High-visibility backlit LCD and quick access front-panel controls
  • Setup/reset button
  • Single-gang housing


The DM NAX Wall Plate with XLR Input and Balanced Analog Audio Output

Here’s a great solution for adding mic or line-level audio to DM NAX technology, Dante audio networking, or AES67 AoIP system. Whether you're a professional musician, a DJ, or just a lover of incredible sound, this device offers stereo analog audio outputs, allowing seamless integration with your professional audio system. With onboard DSP, you have complete control over tone shaping and signal optimization, ensuring the highest-quality audio experience. There are no messy cables or complicated setups, as the DM-NAX-2XLRI-1G provides both power and audio signals through a single network cable. Designed with elegance and functionality in mind, its slim-line single-gang housing fits into any environment. Featuring 2x2 Dante audio networking and DM NAX Audio I/O in a convenient wall plate form factor — complete with high-quality Neutrik® XLR inputs that output to passive wall plates — the DM-NAX-2XLRI-1G is the perfect addition to elevate your audio setup to new heights.

Key Features

  • Powered via PoE, no local AC required
  • Two XLR mic/line-level analog inputs
  • Two analog outputs on Phoenix connectors — pass-through to passive wall plates
  • Stereo DM NAX, Dante, and AES67 AoIP output accessible from the network
  • +48V Phantom Power supported
  • Setup/reset button
  • Onboard DSP
  • Crestron Home OS support
  • WebUI support

All of these devices bring you these benefits:

  • They’re interoperable: Every device gives you compatibility with DM NVX, DM NAX, AES67, and Dante audio-over-IP systems.
  • They’re simple: Each solution offers straightforward installation and connectivity.
  • They’re flexible: The Crestron DM NAX Audio Edge Devices offer a versatile range of solutions to fit nearly any AV environment, all in two form factors.
  • They’re designed and built for native compatibility with the Crestron Home OS.


The DM NAX Converter with Balanced Analog Audio Input and Output

Here’s a terrific way to bridge traditional analog media sources such as phones, laptops, media players, and even turntables into your audio setup. With stereo analog line inputs and outputs via Phoenix connectors, you can easily connect any device and enjoy high-quality audio output. This device allows you to access a DM NAX, Dante, or AES67 AoIP stereo output from the network, enabling friction-free integration with your existing audio system. The onboard DSP provides outstanding tone shaping and signal optimization, allowing the ability to equalize the audio for any given scenario. Power and audio signals are delivered through a single network cable, so configuration is a snap. The DM-NAX-AUD-IO features an extremely compact sub-1/4 rack housing, making it one of the most unobtrusive devices in your system.