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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.
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Introducing Crestron Control For Zoom Rooms Software
Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2024
Introducing Crestron Control For Zoom Rooms Software

A collaboration that makes for the perfect control solution for your hybrid meeting spaces

Jan. 25, 2024 - One of the best-known business stories to emerge from the pandemic was the sudden, rapid growth of Zoom — the company’s software was seemingly everywhere, and its sales quadrupled in a single quarter in 2020. From corporations to campuses to newly created home offices, Zoom® software became one of the most popular videoconferencing platforms.

Now, the world has settled into “hybrid permanence:” the reality that a portion of an organization’s workforce (or student body) will be remote on a given day. That means the need for the seamless integration of tools such as Zoom software — along with the rest of a meeting room’s technology — has become critically important.

Many businesses began replacing their legacy conferencing systems with solutions that relied on Zoom software, and spaces that hadn’t been previously connected suddenly needed collaboration connectivity.

The Spaces — and Functions — That Need Control

As Zoom Rooms® video conferencing was deployed from boardrooms to classrooms, in spaces large and small, the need for a single control system that could handle all the technology in a room became apparent. In many cases, running Zoom Rooms video conferencing and the rest of a space’s devices required two different control interfaces, one for the collaboration software and one for everything else: lighting, shades, climate, and even the AV solutions needed for a hybrid meeting.

While it’s a terrific platform, Zoom Rooms video conferencing was built for collaboration, not control — and that control needs to be scalable and secure.

The answer? Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms® software.

We've created a Crestron Control App for Zoom Rooms Software — find the details here.

Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms Software

Crestron has developed a unique solution: A software control application that allows many existing Zoom Room video conferencing systems to natively use Crestron Control to expand its capabilities. That means that everything from lighting, shades, AV solutions, peripherals, and the Zoom Rooms software platform itself can all be controlled by a single user interface — quickly, intelligently, efficiently, and securely.

Learn even more about Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software.

The Benefits of Crestron Control

Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software gives you:

  • A visually stunning, intuitive experience that controls every function of a meeting space, including Zoom Rooms video conferencing, with the touch of a single button. Even if your experience with technology is limited, you can learn how to operate the solution in seconds.
  • Integration with many Zoom Rooms software configurations and vendors: Crestron Control can now be added to a growing number of new or existing Zoom Rooms software-enabled spaces.
  • Scalability: Crestron Control solutions allow you to scale up your Zoom Rooms software as your organization grows, from single-room to multi-room and campus-wide deployments.
  • The ability to adapt to suit the needs of any business: Do you prefer hardware- or software-based control options? Will you need to add other applications in the future? (Spoiler alert: Probably.) No matter what you choose — or what you add — the functionality, level of control, and consistency of experience are the same.
  • Security: The Crestron security standard is at work here, as authentication with Crestron Control utilizes enterprise-grade security communications between your Zoom Rooms appliance and the Crestron Control processor.
  • A streamlined experience: Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software integrates seamlessly with the entire Crestron ecosystem, including Crestron touch screens, content distribution solutions with DigitalMedia™ technology, conferencing and presentation systems with Crestron Flex and AirMedia® wireless presentation and conferencing systems, Crestron lighting, audio amps and processors, speakers, and more.
  • The power to design and manage custom user interfaces easily: You can quickly create user interfaces using Crestron HTML 5 (CH5), Crestron Construct™ software, and AV Framework™ platform (coming soon). And once you’ve created an interface that can work in multiple spaces, it’s a snap to “push it” and repeat that design anywhere — or everywhere — in your enterprise.
  • The ability to add new or existing spaces with your Crestron 3-Series® or 4-Series™ control systems processor solutions: They’re ready to support Zoom Rooms software installations.

Crestron + Zoom: What Each Bring to the Table

  • Crestron and Zoom both have a history of making solutions that connect people across organizations and geographies.
  • Crestron Control is incredibly simple to use and deploys within minutes.
  • Zoom Rooms video conferencing is a popular (and powerful) solution for hybrid meetings, bringing audio and HD video collaboration into any space, any size, any type.
  • Zoom Rooms software provides an integrated experience for video conferencing and wireless screen sharing.
  • Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software adds complete room control to the Zoom Rooms software platform — rounding out the experience in a way that’s both wholly intuitive and scalable, too.

The Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software solution is a powerful, consistent app — and you can rest assured that it will work brilliantly “out of the box.” After all, Crestron has 50-plus years of experience in the world of control and automation. Couple that with Crestron’s rigorous testing and quality-control protocols, and you know you’re specifying a solution with unmatched reliability and durability.

Find more info on Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms software — and find a Crestron pro near you with this handy database.

By Jonathan Garcia, Director, Technical Marketing