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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.
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Crestron’s New EMEA HQ: A Working Showroom
Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Crestron’s New EMEA HQ: A Working Showroom

Crestron's new headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium, are built to demo hybrid work solutions

Dec. 19, 2023 - Crestron EMEA had a challenge: the current offices in Rijmenam, Belgium, needed an update and structural works — they needed to be made future-proof. This triggered several discussions, and last year, a decision was made to find and build a new space — one that acts as a working showroom.

Vice President and General Manager of Crestron Europe Annelies Kampert explains that the move is not just a change of scenery but also an example of Crestron's commitment to hybrid working technologies. "It's a live demonstration of our innovative approach to the modern workplace," she notes.

"Our Mechelen office is designed to embody the very principles we put forward — integrating our cutting-edge technology to optimize both on-site and remote working."

After all, what better way to demo the technology you're creating than to put it into action at your European HQ?

A Blank Canvas in a Prime Location

For the new location, the team landed on a spot in the city of Mechelen, a picturesque Flemish town roughly midway between Brussels and Antwerp. "The new offices are within walking distance from the train station, and it's only 11 minutes to Brussels International Airport," says Kampert. "Mechelen is growing and moving — just like Crestron," she adds. "We can evolve together."

The new space was a blank canvas, one that was designed to "make the commute worth it." Understanding the new realities of hybrid work informed the design — a truly future-ready design. "There are lots of flex spaces and offices that could become assigned in the future," says Kampert. (That flexibility extends to the building's very infrastructure, with non-load-bearing walls that can easily be moved or taken down altogether.)

For guests, it's a living, functional display of hybrid work solutions.

"It's an office where visitors are welcome," says Kampert. "People will actually be working there, and we'll be inviting all our partners and dealers to visit and experience the space and its solutions."

"They'll see the technology in action in real life, in real-time."


The Team and the Tech

Kampert and the Crestron Europe core team working on the move — Wim Rogier, Kenneth Noyens, Nikolas Van den Abeele, and Ronny Van Den Boom (along with Aleksandar Stupar and Gabor Molnar from IT and HR together with assistance from Andrew Razgaitis in the States) — are overseeing the project with design help from designers and interior architects.

The technology solutions in play are a cross-section of everything Crestron offers, including:

  • Crestron Flex solutions
  • Crestron Flex Pods
  • Crestron 1 Beyond cameras
  • Automate VX™ voice-activated speaker tracking solution
  • Crestron Videobar 70 all-in-one collaboration bar
  • Crestron desk and room scheduling solutions, including touch screens
  • NVX® AV-over-IP, AV-over-IP technology
  • DM NAX® Audio-over-IP technology
  • DM Lite® technology
  • AirMedia® wireless presentation and conferencing systems
  • Crestron Saros® pendant speakers

"There's also digital signage in communal spaces, which distributes both internal messaging and relevant content for visitors," says Kampert. Two rooms are set up to optimize Microsoft Teams® Rooms' front-row software solutions. The entire space features ceiling mics by Shure and Sennheiser, a variety of displays from Sony, Philips, and Jupiter, and KNX lighting integrated with Crestron solutions. "We've outfitted our training rooms with intelligent video cameras driven by Automate VX, and that's an extremely powerful example of what Crestron can do," says Kampert.

"The space is equipped with plenty of flexible desks, small meeting rooms, and open-plan areas that encourage collaboration and adaptability," she adds.

The fluid nature of hybrid work is addressed, too — in detail. "Our vehicle parking solution is equipped with a scheduling software system," says Kampert. "You can book your parking space or that of your visitor in advance. Of course, the same goes for our flexible offices and meeting rooms — they will all be bookable from home with an app."

The Results

Kampert describes the end result in detail on her LinkedIn® page — beyond the office space: "It also offers a state-of-the-art training facility and, at a later stage, an experience center." The overarching mission statement will be, according to Kampert, "A testament to our vision of combining hybrid working with efficient technology in an environment that is both flexible and conducive to evolving needs."

"Our Mechelen office is designed to embody the very principles we put forward – integrating our cutting-edge technology to optimize both on-site and remote working," she adds.

Kampert and the rest of the team also learned the ins and outs of the discovery and planning process from a perspective that was similar to that of the specifiers our dealers work with. "Getting all stakeholders on the same page was the biggest challenge in those meetings," she says. "Who sits where? How many spaces are needed? What types? What technology is key for each space?"

"Anyone who's built a fully integrated office knows that it is sometimes a challenge to meet deadlines," she says. "It was intense, but it was fun, frankly," she adds, noting that it became the ultimate constructive team-building exercise: Designing the actual workspace everyone would ultimately use.

And an essential industry maxim has been borne out by their firsthand view of this process. "It's good that the technology integrators were involved from the start," says Kampert.

"It's made all the difference."