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New Application Links V-Series Panels and Eclipse Matrix over Ethernet
Posted on Friday, September 12, 2008

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 12, 2008 – Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a brand of The Vitec Group, is broadening the access of its Eclipse Digital Matrix Intercom System with IP-enabled V-Series user control panels. In line with the company’s strategy towards ubiquitous communication, the new IP connectivity will allow users to connect their Eclipse V-Series user control panels to the Eclipse Matrix frame over their existing WAN or LAN Ethernet cabling infrastructure. Harnessing the power of IP technology, this new application significantly expands the range and mobility of the Eclipse system, both in-house and remotely. Clear-Com’s new V-Series IP will be previewed at IBC 2008 (Stand 9.C40a).

Using a new matrix IP card, E-Que IP users can easily and directly integrate their individual V-Series panels by establishing an IP link back to the Eclipse Matrix frame. As IP connectivity is enabled by the existing WAN or LAN network, all that is needed to ensure connection on the Eclipse Matrix side is an Ethernet switch or router linked to the IT network. No other devices are needed to secure the connection, making it very economical to deliver intercom access into local or remote locations. The E-Que IP card supports up to 32 V-Series IP panels.

“The IP-enabled V-Series panel is a powerful way to deliver intercom functions to new areas of the broadcast facility and beyond,” says Simon Browne, Senior Product Manager of Clear-Com Communication Systems. “By integrating this capability into the E-Que IP card, users can take advantage of the inherent audio quality and reliability of the Eclipse Matrix no matter where the location, be it the editing suite upstairs or the satellite office in another country.”

Some of the applications for which the V-Series-IP link to the Eclipse Matrix are ideal are for reporting from remote news bureaux in which a journalist can connect back to the main station on the V-Series panel; communications between those in executive offices and workers in the studio regarding important programming and airtime issues; and inter-area communication within editing suites or control rooms. Reporters working on stories in newsrooms, where intercoms are typically not available, can now use V-Series to talk with the studio regarding last-minute story changes and other items requiring a rapid response.

All panels in the V-Series line feature Clear-Com’s “Listen Again” technology that employs digital audio memory to allow the user to replay 30 seconds of received incoming calls, aiding communication in noisy and demanding environments, as is common in broadcast arenas.

Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) gives operators increased control over their panel’s audio, including routing, EQ, mic limiting, headset sidetone, as well as intelligent dimming and local Interrupted Foldback (IFB).

Each panel’s 10-character display key can support international characters such as Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic. Each of its 12 or 24 talk-down/listen-up keys, including one dedicated for answer-reply, with eight shift pages, has individual mix level control, allowing users to set personal audio levels to suit individual workflows. It has been designed to provide producer/commentator dual operation with stereo monitoring, binaural headset listening, cough switching and local intelligent IFB control/loudspeaker dimming, giving users enhanced control over their audio environments.