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Brightline provides energy-efficient lighting products recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications. Harmonizing with the widest range of digital cameras, the company’s fixtures offer broadcast-quality lighting for diverse conferencing environments, including systems designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

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Converting legacy fixtures into LED lighting systems with ease. Each LED Retrofit Kit includes everything needed for a seamless installation without modifying the existing fixture mounting.
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Brightline Introduces New LED Profile Spotlight Series
Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Brightline Introduces New LED Profile Spotlight Series

Mako and Minnow Incorporate Conduction Cooled Design and Versatile Features; Follow Several Introductions Earlier this Summer

Bridgeville, Penn. – October 5, 2022 – With a new series of profile spotlights, Brightline, a leading manufacturer of video lighting systems, continues its streak of innovation. Starting in June this year, Brightline introduced the cMe3 huddle room light, a fluorescent to LED upgrade kit, the L1.3 SeriesONE light, and now a new family of four profile spotlight LED fixtures. Used for more focused and shaped lighting, profile spotlights contain an ellipsoidal reflector designed for controlled, long throws.

The new Brightline Mako and Minnow fixtures are well suited for a variety of applications, including broadcast studios, production studios, and large and mid-sized presentation rooms.  The profile spotlight LEDs offer noise-free, fanless conduction cooling and are available in tunable Variable White and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) versions. The Mako spotlight uses interchangeable, prime lenses and is designed for longer throws within large rooms or studios. The Minnow covers a shorter throw and is ideal as a key and accent light. Brightline Minnows have a compact zoom lens, enabling precise and continual adjustment to create the desired beam size.

"This new family of fixtures provide lighting designers with a new tool set that fits hand in glove with the rest of our product line," said Kathy Katz, Co-Founder, Brightline. "The Mako and Minnow can be used as variable white spots, as well as color changing effects."

Setting the Mako and Minnow apart from competitive products is the fact that the fixtures are conduction cooled. With conduction cooling, heat is transferred from the COB (Chip On Board) LED to the heat sink and then to the mass of the fixture. "We build all of our product lines around fanless designs," added Katz. "When a fixture has no moving parts, its continual use is extended dramatically, which is the case with many of our studio fixtures that continue to operate after 20-plus years of daily use."

The Mako and Minnow series feature a variable white LED (3200K-6000K) and 95+ CRI tunable white chip. Tunable white applications enable the user to independently control color temperature. The Mako and Minnow RGBW models provide full color spectrum performance and feature a 4-in-1 LED RGBW for the brightest output and boldest color rendering.

"Our new profile spotlights give lighting directors additional tools to satisfy the scenic demands of today's innovative set designs found in small and large studios," explained Katz. "The ability to control the size, shape and intensity of the beam of light presents lighting directors with a wealth of innovative options. We're thrilled to offer our customers four new fixtures to help them fulfill their creative vision."

Both lights are available for immediate shipping.