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Circle Wellness
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Circle Wellness is the next evolution in wellness, offering guests a completely self-guided experience for services ranging from hot stone therapy to cold water plunges. Located on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada, guests can book circuit sessions at their convenience, seven days a week. This spa is the first of its kind and the company has plans for expansion to other key markets across North America.

the challenge

At Circle Wellness, guests drive their own visit and can enjoy one of six circuits with multiple therapeutic elements, including wet, dry, hot, cold, and different natural textures in isolated pods. Upon arrival, guests are briefly greeted by a receptionist to check in before being directed to their circuit for their scheduled session. This limited interaction with the staff meant a strong technology backbone would be essential to automating these services at the start of each session.

the solution

Intersystem Controls was selected as the AV integrator to program and design an immersive and fully automated central control system for this project due to its extensive programming expertise. Crestron control was the solution of choice due to the limitless possibilities that the technology could offer while providing the flexibility and reliability required for the spa to run smoothly.

the technology

Circle Wellness is unlike any other spa. Guests can truly unwind and relax with a private experience at their fingertips with three unique experience offerings which include the Hot and Cold tubs, the Stone Bed, and the WellPod. The WellPod is a reinvention of the sauna: a multi-sensory wellness room featuring Himalayan salt walls, thermally modified wood finishes, multi-channel lighting, radiant infrared heating system, fresh air ventilation, and encompassing surround sound. Technology plays a critical role in driving the experience for guests as they take part in the circuits.

The seamless integration with the online booking software was key, ensuring a user-friendly experience for potential clients, allowing them to effortlessly check availability and schedule appointments. The Crestron app then communicates all confirmed appointments to the designated circuits initiating the pre-check-in events which include filling the tubs and setting the room ambiance. Once they arrive, beyond a quick hello from the staff, the Crestron touch screens serve as the primary automation interface that enhances the overall efficiency of the spa management.

When their WellPod session begins, the sound and the lighting sequences adjust as needed throughout the entirety of the session. To indicate that the guests’ experience has come to an end, the lights subtly come back on, and the music fades to a stop. Once the guest has left their circuit, the touch screen indicates the room is ready to be cleaned so that the space can be prepped for the next session.

The Crestron control system provides the flexibility and reliability required to achieve the luxury experience that the guests benefit from. While the space is outfitted with an advanced system, the guests do not need to interact with the technology apart from pressing a button to begin the WellPod session, as everything is automated throughout their session.

the results

With automation at its heart, Circle Wellness has created a unique oasis that allows guests to take some time to disconnect from the world as they reconnect with themselves. Using Crestron technology, Intersystem Controls designed a dependable and seamless system that serves as the backbone for business operations.