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Vista Architectural Columns

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Vista Architectural Columns
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The Challenge

There are times when even a new building must adapt to change. The Fitness and Aquatic Center at Loyola College in Maryland opened in 2000, but changing preferences in fitness equipment prompted a major renovation as space was created to install additional elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and other equipment.

Since some of the machines require power and will be equipped with individual video monitors, a way had to be found to manage wires and cables. The facility was built with outlets encased in floor boxes, but managers found that the in-floor system restricted the layout and reduced flexibility. What's more, "In this high-profile center they also wanted something to look very good and not detract from the aesthetics," says Jim Wright of Gipe Associates, the electrical engineer.

The Solution

The solution was Vista Architectural Columns from Wiremold. Vista units route and conceal power and data cabling in a decorative column that can be matched to the surroundings. "We used a brushed aluminum finish on the columns to match the finishes on the equipment," notes Wright.

In the future, Loyola will have complete flexibility to change the layout in response to changing needs and new equipment. "Vista columns can be easily repositioned to accommodate new equipment and space configurations. It worked out very well," Wright concludes.

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