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For more than 40 years, Pivot Interiors – which specializes in office furniture services – has been creating environments that inspire innovation, foster collaboration and increase productivity. Its workspace designs feature leading-edge products that make use of unique textures and a wide variety of materials specifically designed for busy offices. At its new showroom in Santa Clara Pivot utilizes advanced technologies to convey the company's brand and values, showcase these memorable projects, help clients plan their office spaces, train Pivot employees, and engage visitors and showcase the company's capabilities and projects.

Working with partners, Gensler and Collaboration Solutions, Pivot selected four Planar Systems display products for the new showroom. These products are the Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System, Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Wall, Planar® UltraRes™ Series 4K LCD displays, and Planar® PS Series HD LCD displays.

"Planar was the obvious choice because all these displays are designed to integrate well with any environment. They give Pivot's showroom a really unique experiential feel whether you're viewing them in the main reception area, in any of the conference or training rooms or in other areas," says Jeremy Short, CEO of Collaboration Solutions.

Planar products at work throughout

In what Pivot calls the plaza area of the showroom – which is the central focus of the showroom space – a four wide by two high (4x2) video wall has been installed. It is comprised of eight 46-inch Clarity Matrix LCD displays (LXHD46), creating a video wall nearly 100 square feet in size. The video wall is used to welcome clients and visitors, and also as a platform for client meetings and for Pivot's after-hours entertainment and events. During business-day usage, the video wall hosts Pivot presentations to clients, including live video conferences with other Pivot offices. After business hours, the video wall supports all-hands presentations for employees, videos and other entertainment; and similar content for outside visitors and organizations which rent the space for their own meetings and events.

Behind the reception area is Pivot's main conference room, where more in-depth and private client and company meetings take place. Here, the primary Planar technology consists of two 84-inch Planar UltraRes Touch displays set flush into a prominent wall, but separated from each other by about 10 inches to accommodate a video conferencing camera. Displayed content includes live a calendar of scheduled meetings, PC-resident presentations and a wide variety of information Pivot and clients share about projects, including floorplans, renderings, products and materials for projects. The interactive touch capability is used to initiate a meeting, kick-off a video conference or enable presenters to call up details, products or other information pertinent to a client's project.

Two other important areas include the Pivot training room and a library. The training room is a large space designed to accommodate company meetings and training sessions using two 98-inch Planar UltraRes Touch displays for "white boarding" presentations with employees, showing training videos and conducting video conferencing meetings with employees at other locations. The library is a less formal area where employees can use a 55-inch interactive Planar PS Series HD LCD display (PS5561T) to share client presentations or access websites to review new products, materials and textures that may be considered for clients' office projects.

Finally, in one other area, a Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall has been installed to continue the aesthetic style that has been set throughout the showroom. The Planar Mosaic video wall consists of six 22-inch square tiles (Planar® Salvador™ AD22) abutting two 55-inch rectangular tiles (Planar® Vincent™ AD55).

"The technology of Planar's displays is important because they work so well," says Ken Baugh, CEO of Pivot. "But equally important is their aesthetic; they look great to us, the architects we work with and our clients. Also you can design the displays to work the way your space works; as such, Planar has given us great flexibility."

Features, capabilities leading to Planar selection

Planar display technology was selected both for aesthetic and performance reasons. Aesthetics are important given that the showroom is brand new and Pivot wanted displays that are sleek, clean and bright, and look like they were specifically designed to integrate with the space — an important requirement since many visitors include client designers and architects. All of the Planar displays accommodate this requirement by virtue of their ultra-slim profiles, small bezels, and small tiled bezel widths. In the case of Planar Mosaic, tiles can be mounted in virtually any arrangement to achieve any desired visual or architectural effect.

"All of the Planar technology delivers an excellent cost of ownership and ease of maintenance; plus, Planar paid lots of attention to the details. They are absolutely a great partner for us," says Pivot's Ken Baugh.