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Sharp Plays a Part in Construction of Arena Project

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Sharp Plays a Part in Construction of Arena Project
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Sharp Plays a Part in Construction of Arena Project
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When a major steel contractor was preparing to build an arena, the company recognized a need for new technology that would reduce time and save money. A Sharp AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display system proved to be the ultimate collaboration tool, leading to an increased return on investment.

Business Environment Challenges

When one of the largest fabricators/erectors of structural steel was asked to help build a new 20,000-seat, multipurpose arena designed to guide the future of entertainment in a southwestern U.S. city (artist’s rendering pictured above), the company wanted to find a more effective way to work on its new project. When a new building undergoes construction, numerous contractors are often involved in the process. Concrete footers, steel beams, piping, ductwork, floors, electrical work, and other aspects all need to be installed at the right time. Careful communication and coordination as to when each component of construction gets done is a necessity, and any flaw in construction can cost millions of dollars to tear down and redo.

Time waste is another concern for construction projects. If a contractor notices a flaw or conflict in construction plans, he or she needs to capture their comments on the drawing and use the most efficient way to collaborate with the engineer or architect. Affected trades can be stalled for days before a response is received. RFIs can be scanned and emailed, but even that is an extra step that can be avoided.

As one of the leading U.S. steel companies that has helped build many impressive structures in the southwestern city, it needed to overcome the dilemma of extra time and money spent during construction. Sharp technology, along with industry specific software, helped the company to reach this goal.

Business Technology Solutions

The steel contractor’s project executive anticipated and understood the need for technology that would benefit and enhance the level of Building Information Modeling (BIM)* and design coordination with the design team and other discipline subcontractors that would be required on a fast-track, design-assist project.

That’s when Williams Scotsman was contacted to consider its techsuite™ construction trailer for the project. Williams Scotsman contacted its technology partner, Jobsite Tech Group, to address the specific needs of the project. After demonstrations of leading interactive displays, the steel contractor decided to use the Sharp 60" Class (60.1" diagonal) PN-L603B AQUOS BOARD interactive display system, along with industry-specific design software. It proved to be a huge benefit and the right choice for the job.

“The steel company virtually constructed the arena in 3-D before they physically built it,” explains Jobsite Tech Group President Ron Perkins. “They used the Autodesk® Revit® building design software to start with the architecture. Tekla® Structures, a software specifically for structural steel, was plugged into Revit. Bluebeam® Revu® software was then used to write notes on digital drawings when changes were needed on the fly. Then, the AQUOS BOARD interactive display, equipped with a rolling stand, was brought around to different areas of the construction process. If an issue with the design came up, they were able to write on the digital drawing and instantly send it via email to the architect or engineer to ask them to collaborate for an adjustment.”

According to the steel contractor, the AQUOS BOARD interactive display was easy for field superintendents to learn how to use. The intuitive nature of the touch screen allowed them to rapidly grasp the use of technology that provided quick access to changing information. In addition, the display gave them the ability to zoom in to view miniscule components, such as bolts.

“The AQUOS BOARD interactive display has allowed field superintendents to always have access to and be able to review the most current construction documents so they can keep abreast of potential changes,” the steel contractor’s project executive says. “This gives them the ability to consistently be one step ahead of the potential impacts to the project.”

Innovative Results

The AQUOS BOARD interactive display greatly increased efficiency of the construction coordination process for the arena project. In fact, it went so smoothly that the steel contractor decided to deploy similar solutions in other assignments as a result of the company’s return on investment.

“The realized increase in efficiency in coordination and production demonstrated the value of this technology,” the steel contractor’s project executive says. “This technology will be deployed on future similar projects.” According to Perkins, the steel contractor was so impressed by the AQUOS BOARD interactive display that it plans on making it an essential part of construction projects going forward.

“The steel contractor initially rented the AQUOS BOARD interactive display from us for this job, but loved it so much, they are now buying it from us,” Perkins says. “The company will soon be using it to construct 30- to 40-story buildings in San Francisco.”