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2-foot LED Videoconference Fixture

Model: LED 2-foot Micro-T

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Since their introduction over a decade ago, Brightline’s energy-efficient T-Series systems have been recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications.

T-Series fixtures provide broadcast-quality, multitask, multidirectional lighting in a format designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

The T-Series’ patented articulation feature makes them the only fixtures that can be precisely rotated into a desired position during conferencing and then returned flush to the ceiling between sessions or for general task lighting. Fixtures are available with manual or motorized articulation and a range of dimming protocols for applications that include business and governmental videoconferencing, e-learning, telemedicine, Internet video streaming, and nontraditional studio environments.

With the number of T-Series installations continuing to grow rapidly throughout the world, Brightline is enhancing the quality of global communications by offering the most technologically advanced, aesthetically refined, and cost-effective solution for successful videoconference lighting.


The fixture housing is made of formed, cold-rolled sheet steel. Heat sink is made of aluminum extrusion. Reflectors are of specular aluminum sheet metal construction featuring a 95% reflectance.

Fixture Body Finish: 

Low-gloss Signal White finish (Ral #9003, 20% Gloss).

LED Technology: 

The fixture utilizes remote phosphor technology to emit high quality illumination (>95 CRI) for videoconferencing and broadcast applications. Each channel has a variable power wattage range from 10-watts to 24-watts per linear foot.

Power and Control: 

All LED Drivers are high-frequency electronic, with a power factor > .94, THD < 10%, and a Class A sound rating. Drivers are mounted internally.

Directional Beam Angle: 

The LED component can articulate 25° to 50° from vertical and has a 25° beam spread


Louvers provide complementary aesthetics to most architectural styles. Louvers available in white or custom finish. 2-ft. fixtures have the option to be mounted at a 45° angle into a ceiling panel fitted for a 2-ft. x 2-ft. grid.

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